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Weingut Neiss in Kindenheim/Pfalz, Rotweintrauben auf einem Haufen
Weingut Neiss in Kindenheim/Pfalz, Axel Neiß an einem Fass lehnend mit einem Glas Rotwein, lächelnd

Enjoying wine

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The special location in the North Palatinate, the soil composition, the hillside location, the microclimate and the selection of varieties and clones create great wines with a lot of strength and density, which inspire young people and make them last a long wine life.

Weingut Neiß is currently one of the top 20 companies in the Palatinate wine-growing region, a position that is being further expanded by the introduction of the second top Riesling “Zeller Schwarzer Herrgott” next to the “Kindenheimer Burgweg”. The wine range at Weingut Neiss deliberately consists of two parallel product ranges, both of which meet the highest standards and win a variety of awards.

Traditionally, on one side, you will find a classic four-tiered version with premium wines from top locations, wines from individual vineyards, local and estate wines. Axel Neiß has also developed the distinctive and successful “That's Neiss” wine line, which offers five wines from start to top.

Premium wines
Vineyard wines
Local wines
Estate wines

Premium Wines from Top Locations

Premium wines
Vineyard wines
Local wines
Estate wines

From the best locations

The highest level of the quality pyramid is made up of the top wines made from Riesling, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc, which grow in the prime locations of Kindenheimer Burgweg and Vogelsang and in the Schwarzer Herrgott vineyard in the Zellertal valley. The division between top wine and vineyard wine always depends on the actual location, the grape variety and the age of the vineyards.

Weingut Neiss in Kindenheim/Pfalz, Lage Schwarzer Herrgott bei Zellertal in der Pfalz, Denkmal

Vineyard wines from individual vineyards

Premium wines
Vineyard wines
Local wines
Estate wines

Typicality and character

The next level of quality characterizes the single-vineyard wines. Powerful and concentrated wines that are characterized by typicity and character.
The single-vineyard wines come from five individual vineyards, which do not differ from the top vineyards in terms of cultivation and expansion. Here, too, Axel Neiß uses pure handwork in the vineyard and cellar.

Weingut Neiss in Kindenheim/Pfalz, Luftbild von Weinbergen in der Nordpfalz

Local Wines

Premium wines
Vineyard wines
Local wines
Estate wines

With a clear origin

The local wines are wines made from grapes that come from the best vineyards in the municipality of Bockenheim. They are ambassadors of the calcareous terroir, show fruit and minerality, are exciting and engaging. Grape varieties typical of the region and low harvest yields of 70 hectoliters per hectare are important prerequisites for this quality level, which clearly stands out from estate wine and is a good link to vineyard wines.

Lage Heiligenkirche in Bockenheim Weingut Neiss

Estate Wines

Premium wines
Vineyard wines
Local wines
Estate wines

from uncomplicated to appealing

The range of estate wines at Weingut Neiss goes from uncomplicated summer wine to appealing food accompaniment. They are high-quality varietal wines, characterized by juicy, fruity characteristics. The fermentation and aging of white wines takes place in stainless steel in a temperature-controlled manner. After extracting juice, the red wines are fermented on the mash for six to eight days, pressed and then aged in wooden barrels for at least eighteen months.

Weingut Neiss in Kindenheim/Pfalz, Ausbau in Edelstahltanks

That´s Neiss

Our Cuveés — Really NeISS

With the “THAT'S NEISS” wine line, Axel Neiß has created a successful model. Only cuvées are offered under the That's Neiss line. His purist North Palatinate wine style, which is created from “Cool Climate” and limestone soils, meets handwork and clear design. The two red wine cuvées are just as fun as the white wine cuvée, rosé and secco rosé.

Etikett Thats Neiss Weingut Neiss

sparkling wine

Champagne as a model

Following the example of high-quality champagne, the sparkling wines at Weingut Neiss are made exclusively from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Schwarzriesling/Pinot Meunier. Harvesting and processing are carried out with great meticulousness. The aim is to have a must weight of around 78° Öchsle so that the sparkling wine ends up in the bottle at around 11.5% by volume despite the second fermentation.

The grapes are harvested in small baskets under intensive selection. For transport, these are very gently filled into slightly larger containers. Before pressing, each of these grape containers is weighed so that the correct pressing yield can be determined afterwards. According to Champagne law, only 2,550 l of must may be obtained from 4,000 kg of grapes.

Axel Neiß makes this requirement even more stringent and stops pressing after a press yield of over 50%. This ensures that only the highest quality must goes into the sparkling process. Depending on the vintage, the must is divided into stainless steel tanks, used barriques or tonneaux. After fermentation, it is not filtered or sulfurized; the wine is simply removed from the yeast for the second fermentation in the bottle. After bottle fermentation, the sparkling wine is stored on the yeast for at least 12 months before being shaken by hand and disgorged.

Depending on availability, two variants are currently in stock: A Blanc de Blancs as pure Chardonnay sparkling wine and a Blanc de Noirs as a blend of Pinot Noir and Schwarzriesling.

Weingut Neiss, Etikett Blanc de Blancs


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