Weingut Neiss in Kindenheim/Pfalz, Luftbild von KIndenheim in der Nordpfalz
The people

Passionate and perfectionist.

Axel Neiß belongs to a generation of German winemakers whose dynamic passion and enthusiasm has carried the regional winegrowing scene forward in the past three decades. After graduating from high school, he decided to train as a winemaker, then completed his oenology studies in Geisenheim, followed by an internship in Mendoza (Argentina) and numerous wine-focused trips and stays in Spain, Chile, South Africa and New Zealand.

He is solely responsible for individual vineyards early on in his parents' business. Parallel to his studies in 1996, the first barrique red wine was produced, with which he won 2nd place in the VINUM Red Wine Prize as an absolute outsider. In 1997, he took over the entire 13-hectare winery.
In northern Germany in particular, Weingut Neiß already had a good private clientele who meticulously looked after Axel and met his wife Katja, who grew up in Flensburg. The two get married and with the three sons Max, Julian and Anton, the sixth generation of Neiss is now growing up.

Together with a strong team, the winery now cultivates 47 hectares around the Palatinate wine town of Kindenheim. The Vinum Guide 2022 was awarded the fourth star and the “Newcomer of the Year Palatinate” award. Neiss is therefore one of the 20 top wineries in the Palatinate.

The wine philosophy

Future-oriented and with an extra dose of manual work.

Axel Neiß is a sympathetic and quality-loving “nerd” who does everything he can every day to make his wines even better. Katja and Axel work down to earth, honest and humble in a unique geographical location in the North Palatinate. This has resulted in a genuine conviction and a unique wine style.

The excellent natural conditions form a good basis: the optimal climate, the massive lime content in the soil and the unique vineyards that shine due to their sparseness.

Axel Neiss understood early on that he could only achieve the quality he personally envisioned by working close to nature and with an extra portion of manual work:

dense, compact and powerful Palatinate wines that are characterized by fresh elegance and an animating lightness. Axel Neiß and winemaker Hendrik Bitsch consciously work out the recognizable mineral notes.

If you ask Axel Neiß about the wine style, he talks about clarity, straightness and moderate alcohol. The expressiveness, complexity and longevity of his wines are also important to him.


FAIR'N GREEN certified and CO2-neutral

Sustainable business has been at the top of the Neiss winemaker family's agenda for a long time. In the mid-1990s, the winery actively switched to controlled, environmentally friendly viticulture.

The decision to join the FAIR'N GREEN association was made in 2013. As one of ten founding members and with membership number 007, Weingut Neiss belongs to this association. The motivation for this sustainability label is that, in contrast to others, FAIR'N GREEN examines the entire value chain for sustainability aspects. The certified wineries take responsibility for people, nature and climate through concrete measures and continuous improvement processes.

Since 2021, Weingut Neiß has been certified CO2-neutral through “Save Climate”, the climate protection initiative of Fair and Green e.V., as one of the few wineries in Germany. This initiative has a very specific goal: to transform the entire value chain and the entire agriculture sector towards consistent CO2 reduction through innovative and practicable solutions.

We are officially certified

Weingut Neiss in Kindenheim/Pfalz, Rotweinflasche mit Glas auf einem Fass mit Trauben


ca. 20%


ca. 60%


ca. 10%


ca. 10%


380,000 bottles a year


Germany and over 15 countries exported



Together with a strong team, Axel Neiß now cultivates 47 hectares around the Palatinate wine town of Kindenheim. Riesling now accounts for 20% of the vineyard area. The Burgundy varieties, mainly Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, are 60%. Axel Neiss also has a soft spot for large varieties of red wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Syrah, which make up ten percent.

The Vinum Guide 2022 has awarded the fourth star to Axel Neiss and the “Newcomer of the Year Palatinate” award. It is therefore one of the 20 top wineries in the Palatinate. A remarkable achievement, considering how the quality density has developed here in recent years.

When he looks back, he is satisfied and still doesn't seem to have reached where he wants to go yet. Axel Neiß is happy that the north of the Palatinate in particular is receiving more and more attention, which is clearly due to the ideal conditions and the unique combination of climate and extremely calcareous soil. The cooler climate in particular was not always seen as an advantage here and only a few experts know that the lime content in its sites around Kindenheim is significantly higher than elsewhere.


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Weingut Neiss in Kindenheim/Pfalz, Katja und Axel Neiß stoßen an und genießen ein Glas Weißwein