October 2022

Solid limestone — Schwarzer Herrgott Riesling completes the range

The “Zeller Schwarze Herrgott” in North Palatinate's Zellertal is one of the German vineyards that has recently received a great deal of attention.

Top winemakers from the Palatinate secure plots here. With the 2021 vintage, we too are joining in and expanding our segment with the first Riesling from this trendy location. Burgweg and Herrgott will form a congenial dual leadership in the future.

Sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time: After an autumn walk through the beautiful Zellertal valley, we were offered this magnificent mid-altitude fillet. We didn't have to think twice, this wine location has fascinated us for a long time. In the distinctive location, on a limestone plateau that faces completely south, just 11 hectares are classified as vineyards at 210 to 240 meters (NHN) altitude. The cool climate, the massive limestone areas and the great topography make impressive wines grow here. It quickly became clear to us that with this piece we could form a very good antagonist to Spitzenriesling Burgweg. Both premium layered rieslings bear our signature and yet are clearly distinguishable from each other, even though they are just five kilometers apart as the crow flies.

As with Burgweg, the new Schwarzer Herrgott also uses the entire concept for top wines: low cut, removal of excess and double shoots, and intensive defoliation during flowering. When harvested, the grapes are carefully harvested by hand in several rounds in small boxes. Just as in the vineyard, when making wine in the cellar, we do everything we can to best implement and expand the typical characteristics of the wines. We decide whether the wine undergoes whole grape pressing or maceration. After pressing, a part is fermented in wood and a part in stainless steel.

Astonishingly bright in color, yet concentrated and focused in aroma, with distinct minerality and saltiness of the limestone notes, the Zeller Schwarzer Herrgott Riesling is pure and fresh, dense and complex. On the palate, it is characterized by a beautiful, elegant coolness, with subtle nuances of pear, apple and white peach, but also has a grippy structure and extremely fine yet distinct tannin structure.
Analogous and elegant in its design, the Zeller Schwarzer Herrgott Riesling forms a congenial duo with the Kindenheimer Burgweg Riesling. It is worth trying this wine!

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